Are You Allergic To Cats? Handle Cat Allergies At Home

Allergic To Cats
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If any of your buddies are allergic to cats, then you can try a few things that can help reduce their allergies to some extent.

Inform your friends about your feline friend. There could be a different type of reactions, from mild to harsh. Some reactions could be more unpleasant and annoying.

It is up to them to risk it and let’s take a look at some steps you can take to make them comfortable.

Vacuum well before your guests arrive

Stirring up the place right before your guests arrive at your home is a bad thing. The best option is to clean and vacuum the place the day before.

Have a secure place

Use a special chair that absorbs less dander. Moreover, you can use a non-fabric chair for your guests. Sitting on a normal fabric chair may reduce their allergies or get them some time.

Cats prefer to sit on a cozy chair and may not prefer to use a hard chair. They love luxury.

Create a ‘No’ cat zone

This is not all cat lovers could do because of limited space in an apartment. People having more space can allocate a separate room for guests.

By doing this, all your allergic guests are safe and there’s a room where you can enter without hair on your shirts.

The difficult part of this option is that the cat mostly knows what room he can’t enter. He will spend more time standing and sleeping at the door.

Prepare Plan B

If your friends are nice enough to spend quality time at your house,  you should be nice enough to have a plan B.

Take your friend to a nearby bar, a park, or a coffee shop.

Check on them to show how they feel. You should be ready and prepared to leave the cat at the house.

Keep allergy medication ready

Benadryl is the best possible medication to handle allergic reactions.  It is not a bad idea to take antihistamines before something serious happens.

Filters are important

Do you use an air purifier? Clean them, and if possible, replace them. Experts suggest changing your furnace filter and you should keep your furnace fan running all day to clear the air.


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