Big Toys For Big Cats – Not Only For Domestic Cats!

Big Toys For Big Cats
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Tigers are impatient animals. They can’t strangle your body and whack you around because they are put in a cage. Yep! We are talking about pet entertainment.

Cats – The gentle animals of a different kind. To make a cat move around and divert them from their mundane tasks, you might give them interactive toys.

A German company, 4cats Heimtierbedarf produces supersize toys. These are not for your domestic cats but for the ones in zoos, who suffer from concentration and other behavioral problems.

The company has started to donate supersize big cat toys. They are initially giving away these toys in markets where their presence exist.  The Hamerton Zoo Park’s big cats are their latest customers. This zoo is located in Cambridgeshire, England.

Just like your pet dog, zoo ilk, lions, and tigers get easily bored, they can’t chase you down and grab you by your neck.

The 4cats toys are stuffed with “cat attractants.” According to the company’s spokesperson,  they have actually enlarged the size of their regular toys.

The company’s philosophy- Cat is Cat. Size does not matter.

Most people would have a doubt that if an adult lion can strangle a gnu in minutes, wouldn’t it rip a toy in seconds.  These supersize cat toys are made of sisal, a strong cactus fiber.

All the toys are dyed only with natural ingredients such as beet and 4cats leaves no stone unturned to offer a quality product.

Valerian root is used in these toys and cats are not prone to hangovers from it.

The first set of supersize toys were delivered to Cologne Zoo and later donated to pillows and kickers to Hamerton Zoo Park. They also produce medium-sized toys for animals like servals.

The reason the company had chosen a place like Huntingdon is attributed to their preference to work with little ones rather than big ones.

4cats’ business model reflects simplicity. The first step involves donating branded toys, then film or photograph or both the animals playing.

4cats has also donated normal cat toys to help with their cheetah and tiger conservation project.

Another major thing, it is feasible that almost all the cats are genetically inclined to react to the plant catnip but at least 10% to 30% will not give that satisfaction.