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Captain Marvels Cat Goose
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Goose, Captain Marvel’s cat emerges unscathed as the popular one of the movie. The orange cat first made its way into the trailers, and finally, into our hearts.

Let’s learn some interesting information about this cat.

Is Goose a boy or a girl cat?

It’s not that much important to the story of Captain Marvel, but the directors of this latest flick state that Goose is a cute, female cat.

The name Goose was selected after the popular Top Gun role played by none other than the dashing Tom Cruise in the 80s.

Goose almost had less footage in the movie

In the comics, a feline appears as an important character but the makers of the movie were not sure if the cat would appear in the entire movie.

When Kevin Feige and Marvel saw the final draft, they were pretty sure that the role of Goose would be well talked about after the release.

Yes, it’s true and the audiences are reacting to the cat’s presence in a big way.

Is Brie Larson a cat lover?

Samuel L. Jackson said that he is not a cat person. In the movie, Jackson plays Nick Fury who’s a big cat person. Brie Larson who plays Carol Danvers is also not a cat lover in real life. She said, “I’m severely allergic.”

Goose is enacted by four cats

Goose is played by four different cats. These cats include Archie, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Reggie. The main role is played by Reggie and he will be seen in the reaction and close-up shots. Reggie was the model for CG cats and prop.

According to the crew, Reggie was a total foodie. “You give him food to eat, get some shots, give him something once again to eat,” said Samuel L. Jackson.

Are these cats new to the movie industry?

Archie and Reggie have been part of “ The Hateful Eight” explained trainer Ursula.

Marvel Day Special-Watch Goose in action

Marvel Studios presented a live stream where anyone could watch Goose fooling around for 60 minutes. Obviously, the feed is not live anymore, but you should definitely watch it. Because cats are cats.

So, Goose is a Flerken?

In the Marvel comics, Flerkens appear like normal domestic cats but have extra features and abilities. These cats are much more intelligent than regular cats. Flerkens have tentacles and can lay eggs.

So, Goose is a Flerken and not a cat.

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