Cat Reunited With Family After Surviving California Wildfires

Cat Reunited With Family
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A pet feline who escaped from his home because of California wildfires in 2018 was once again reunited with his old family in St. Louis.

Paul Ritchie did whatever he could to find his cat. Ritchie and Sandra ensured that the rescue home personnel accompanying Dexter had a good time.

High expectation became a soft emotional moment when they saw Dexter come out of his carrier.

Sandra said, “Oh Dexter baby” as she couldn’t control her tears when she finally held him in her arms. Paul and Sandra are seeing Dexter since last year wildfire when they left their home in California to save their lives.

The Ritchie family moved out with three felines but Dexter did not accompany them.

Paul Ritchie said, “How Dexter escaped I don’t know. How Dexter survived the wildfire I don’t know because when we finally left our home in Paradise it was totally engulfed in flames”.

The Ritchie family could not have been happier than they are now after seeing Dexter.

Dexter spent something close to 103 days all alone in the remains of the wildfire. Being a touch cat, Dexter was finally cared for by the Field Haven Feline Rescue Center.

The Ritchies did the right thing by microchipping the cat, he is now happily reunited with his owners who escaped to Defiance, Missouri.

Sandra Ritchie said, “Dexter definitely knew my voice and he immediately responded when I called ‘do you like a treat?’ he immediately looked up”.

According to a volunteer, there are plenty of felines out there. He went on to say that this is a full-fledged project that could take a year or two to complete.

Dexter has special foods waiting for him. He will reunite with two other cats and his brother and we can proudly say the family is closely knit together.

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