9 Year Old Hero Cat “Walter” Saves Owner’s Life

Cat Saves Owner’s Life
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A feline is ready to receive an award after saving his owner’s life. 9-year-old Walter received no training as an emergency pet. He has somehow learned to identify when owner Parkyn is about to undergo a hypoglycaemic attack.

Hazel, aged 48, from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, said Walter might have saved her precious life many many times over.

In fact, Walter beat plenty of entries to be one of the serious contenders for the “Best Hero Cat” award. This award is run by Cats Protection.

Hazel said, “ Walter is a great cat. When my sugar level runs low, I cannot wake up.”

“Walter will pat me repeatedly on the face.”

“Walter will continue doing this until I become normal.”

Hazel said, “Walter is a brilliant pet and he is a lifesaver.”

Hazel and her husband need to wait till 8 August, when winners will probably be announced at a ceremony at Savoy.

This mega event will be attended by who’s who of the sports world including Deborah Meaden, Frankie Seaman ( Dancing on Fire), and former football goalie David Seaman.

If Walter wins this award, he will get a unique opportunity to be crowned “National Cat of the Year.”

Previous feline winner Theo created a record of the sort, after saving his owner’s life Charlotte Dixon from a fatal blood clot.

The organizer of the event, Kate Bunting remarked, “ Walter definitely stands a chance to win this year if all the entries are in his favor.”

For Hazel and family, his strength to detect an emergency is a special talent.

“What’s special is that he can do this without undergoing any sort of special treatment, putting up his intuitive ability for the world to see.”

Cat Hero

“ When we got Hazel from the shelter he was named Wally, but somehow he proved us wrong.”

“Walter was very naughty and with age, he’s maturing now.”

“ My health condition is very dangerous and it’s amazing to know Walter is there for me.”

According to experts, it costs somewhat around $36,000 USD to train a dog to detect such a condition.

Yeah, Walter does this free of cost.

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