Drunk Woman Arrested With A Bag Full Of Cats In Stafford, Virginia

Drunk Woman Arrested With A Bag Full Of Cats
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Stafford Police arrested Shanna Holwager, 43,  on charges of public intoxication. She is getting arrested for the second time within a span of two days.

The officials reported that she was moving with a suitcase full of cats at the time of her arrest.

Police stated that an official reached the spot at around 5.34 p.m. The official detected that the woman was heavily drunk. She was totally unsteady and suffered from bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Shanna Holwager told police she was taking the cats actually to the SPCA.  All the rescued cats were deposited at the Stanford County Animal Center.

She was taken into preventive custody and kept at Rappahannock Regional Jail.

Once again, the officer caught her at 11.16 p.m. the next day when she was strolling down the road in an inebriated condition. Shanna was arrested and kept at Rappahannock  Jail until she gained consciousness.

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