Gender Reassignment Surgery In Cats – Feline’s Life Restored

Gender Reassignment Surgery In Cats
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A cat was saved from the clutches of death after he made a tremendous recovery after undergoing one of a kind ‘Gender Reassignment’ surgery.

The six-year-old feline was saved. Say thanks to veterinarian surgeon Sarah Bruce at Charter Vets. She carried out a difficult procedure. They removed a part of the cat’s genitals.

The vet performed this operation after the cat was suffering from a bladder stone.

The cat’s owner, Zoe Philpott, said, “ I noticed that my cat’s bladder was troublesome. He tried his level best to wee but he couldn’t. “

“At first, I thought of a different health problem and placed a catheter in.”

“ Vets thought bladder crystals, but she was struggling again.”

After the cat’s condition deteriorated, Philpott, who lives in Cheshire, took her to Charter Vets. Vet Sarah had actually come across the same problem before.

The vet diagnosed a stone was the main problem.

“ His private part was swollen and the vet decided to consider a major radical procedure to solve this problem altogether.”

The good news was that Zoe agreed with Sarah.

Sarah said, “ When the cat came in, the test showed that a bladder stone was blocking the urethra.”

She also said, “ we could euthanize him or remove his penis, because of the complication.”

“The surgery proved successful and now he passes like a girl.”

Vets agree it’s a common problem and this is quite popular in male cats. Take it to the vet straight away. It can solve a lot of problems.

The cat is now doing well and he’s regained his lost weight.