Is Kate Beckinsale A Cat Person? – Know Her Clear Voice

Is Kate Beckinsale A Cat Person?
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Kate Beckinsale has always been a pet person. When you wish to want her to take on the debate- old dogs vs. cats, Kate Beckinsale is always clear with her choice.

“I had felines growing up with me when I was so little, and a smart dog,” said Beckinsale.

Kate owns two Persian cats. They are named Willow and Clive. They make a regular appearance on Kate’s Instagram channel.

Kate says, “Cats are cool and easy to maintain. You don’t have to run around with a big bag of poo.”

Her Clive is around 12 years of age. Clive appears on Kate’s Instagram feed wearing cat costumes, ribbons, and bows.

Clive came home when Lily, my daughter, was little. Now, Lily is 20. This cat is a cancer survivor sporting different coat patterns every now and then.

Another cat, Willow, is 2-year-old. “I got it from a good friend of mine.”

Kate remarks both her cats have different preferences and personalities.

Clive cat’s favorite items are bags, boxes, and suitcases. If anyone brings home sneakers, Clive will make it as his home. Kate has got Clive a suitcase bed.

Willow too loves a box or two. He loves to sleep in a psychopath, creepy place.

She further says, “ Willow is more mischievous than clive but her enduring personality make it easy to forgive her.”