Japanese Stray Cats Acquire VIP-Like Followers!

Japanese Stray Cats Acquire More Followers
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If you are waiting for a brand new section to love cats online, visit the page of “Backstreet Cats of Japan,” on the social media site Instagram. They have something close to 1,00,000 followers.

A nameless photographer has photographed thousands of pictures of stray cats taken in an unknown location in Japan.

All the cats are captured in different poses and some cats hang out or live underground, underneath a stretch of asphalt.

The number of stray cats is quite large in number in Japan. More than 35% of households own a pet and many lead a luxurious life of luxury.  The Japanese spend something close to US$3.8 billion an annum to keep them comfortable.

While cats are famous in Japan, many of them own cats without understanding the complications of pet ownership. When people realize what having a sexually active is,  then most of them would probably abandon their cats just like that.

An impact is a large number of cats virtually all over Japan. Some cats receive attention, food, and kindness from people.