Larry The Cat Disrupts Trump’s England Visit

Larry The Cat Disrupts Trump’s England Visit
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The “Powerful” shall wait!

A cat caused some security trouble to one of the most powerful people in the world. Yes, we are talking about President Trump. The security lapse took place right outside 10 Downing Street.

American President Trump has met a serious contender, a sleepy London cat named Larry. President Trump has met the Queen and other members of the Royal Family. He held a joint meeting with May on his visit.

People including London Mayor Mr. Khan, have decided to stop Trump’s visit, but not so evidently or literally.

Thousands of activists have been marching against Trump, even parading with “Trump balloon,” but none made it to the international headlines as slick an attempt as Larry.

During President Trump’s recent visit to the residence and office of UK PM Theresa May, a sneaky feline decided to take a nap underneath the “Powerful.”

VIP London Cat Larry Disrupts Trump’s England Visit

This is the UK’s most popular cat, Larry. Larry is one of the most high profile VIP who is staying at 10 Downing Street other than Theresa May.

As per reports, British people have more faith in Larry than in their PM.

Larry was adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cat Home. His mousing skills won him that job. He worked at PM’s place and has made a real contribution.

Larry loves greeting his guest at the official residence, testing furniture for napping, and exposing security lapses.

But Larry overstepped his freedom during President Trump’s visit. The cat’s time below President’s car meant that it has to wait until he leaves the place.

Larry tested the Americans and refused to budge.  Social media praised Larry for stealing the attention.

Never lose sight of what he single-handedly achieved. Many protesters descended on City in view of stopping the motorcade.

Larry did his job and Trump’s team had a serious headache.

It’s a sad story that Larry was sacked from his job as the “chief mouser” in 2016 for inefficient performance.

Chief Mouser is Back!

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