New York May Ban Declawing Cats Amidst Opposition

New York May Ban Declawing Cats
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New York is set to become the first state to put in place its ban on declawing cats. The law would simply make declawing cats a punishable crime by charging a fine of around $1000 USD.

Supporters of the bill claim that declawing felines are inhumane.  Declawing involves surgery and it’s actually an amputation.

Some societies reject declawing except only in rare, medically-initiated circumstances.

The side-effects of declawing include-

  • Bone damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Tissue damage
  • Infection
  • Pain

Cats may start to bite due to lack of claws and they could also stop using the litter tray.

Educated cat lovers can help their cats to simply use their claws in a way that allows them to live in peace.

Pet parents declaw their felines to stop unwanted scratching. It could prevent damage to furniture. There are persons who oppose this ban claiming that declawing should be available as an option.

Donna Lupardo, Democratic State Assemblyperson, said, “ The Vets are 50-50 on this topic.”

“Some vets welcome this ban with open arms while others have opposed this ban.”

At present, the bill is at the New York State Assembly committees.

The Senate and Assembly should agree upon the bill before it reaches the governor for approval.

In the United States of America, the ban on declawing cats is present in 10 places in Colorado, Denver, and California. Declawing cats have also banned throughput in Europe.