Suspected Serial Cat Killer On The Run, $10,000 USD Reward Announced

Serial Cat Killer In Oakland
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Four felines have been injured with pellets since this February.

Officials believe somebody is actually preying on them. In the last 40 odd days or so, Oakland Services says four cats were injured with a pellet gun.

All the injured cats are actually male. One of the cats had been euthanized. Another feline’s leg had been amputated due to injuries.

They were all found between a 2-mile radius. Good Samaritans rescued these cats and brought them here.

Rebecca Katz, Oakland Animal Services said, “several people or someone are out there doing this.”

These cats were found in Oakland’s lower Dimond District.

Katz mentions research showing a “direct link between people and violence against animals.”

She went on to say, “ There is a lot of evidence of people who carry these attacks against animals and later escalate.”

Katz says the attacked cat, called Frankie, came into the shelter some five weeks ago. A fortnight later, a Siamese cat named Percy became the second victim. The third cat had no choice because of pellet lodged in the spine.

Another cat named Morgan shot last Saturday is recovering fast.

After the shelter released details about the incident, she says, they now have a call about a sick cat.

“It is inhumane. We can remove wildlife and cats. People find cats as nuisances, but attacking them will increase the problem,” says Katz.

Friends of Oakland Services is offering a $10,000 USD reward for providing genuine information to catch the suspect.

Anyone can contact the Services at 510-535-4895. Even anonymous tips encouraged.

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