Stray Cat ‘Barney’ Rescued In Austin By Shadow Cats

Stray Cat 'Barney' Rescued In Austin By Shadow Cats
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“A cat has nine lives,” claims an Ancient proverb.  We are talking about one such lucky cat.

A feline is amazingly lucky to survive after a Good Samaritan saved his life in Round Rock.

On January 26th, 2019, a stray cat named “Barney” tried to cross over a fence but got caught stuck between the slats. All his valiant attempt left him hanging upside down for life.

Rescuers claim Barney was trapped in that horrible position for close to 8 to 20 hours before getting saved.

Barney cat, on the other hand, cut his circulation and broke his hip while trying to escape.

The rescuer provided some first aid to the helpless cat but then a few local authorities were roped in this rescue.

The rescuer contacted “Shadow Cats” and this lead to the volunteers jumping into action.

After the rescue the vet who examined the cat said his condition was pathetic and in the process, his leg was surgically severed.

Right now, he is recuperating at the Shadow Cats home and his bill was $2,400 USD.

Shadow Cats are doing a great service by helping stray cats to get on with their normal life.

About Shadow Cats

Shadow Cats work to improve the lives of injured, stray, feral, abandoned, and abused cats in Austin.

Through Amplify Austin, a fundraising event is in progress. They have planned to raise a huge sum of $1,00,000 USD via donations.

It is the only source of income through which this organization offer lifesaving help to stray cats


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