Which Cat Will Take Home The Top Prize From ‘Tails And No Tales’ Cat Show?

Which Cat Will Take Home The Top Prize?
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140 cats fight tooth and nail in the 35thTail and No Tales” Show held this Saturday and Sunday (3-4th March 2019). This event took place at the Santa Clara grounds in San Jose, California.

Cats belonging to different breeds, from exotic  Cornish Rex to the majestic Persians, were thoroughly examined by a team of judges on both days. Participants earned a point that accumulates all through their career.

The show is been conducted by persons associated with the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

One of the participants, Stamas started showing felines just a year ago but his love for Cornish Rex is stupendous. This breed originates from England. It contains a curly coat and a wonderful egg-shaped head.

She owns a Cornish Rex cat named Merlin. Stamas said, “I’ve learned a lot of things from just looking at various another cat shows.

Cats are judged and given points based on laid down rules for different breed-specific features. Each and every feline is examined by 10 judges one by one.

Carolyn  Osier said, “ It can anything close to five years to become a judge. She is a cat breeder for close to 50 years.   Carolyn has traveled 356 miles for this show. She owns an Abyssinian, a breed that has almond-shaped eyes, a muscular body, and large ears.

Abys cats have two modes of travel. It is nothing but sleeps and fast-forward.

Another participant, Sharon Rogers has traveled the nook and corner of this world. She has traveled to different parts in her four decades of the exhibition.

These shows are necessary for all feline lovers. After the recession, the frequency of this kind of shows has come down drastically.

Shelby Friemoth traveled all the way from San Diego and she attends these shows to interact with other cat lovers. Carolyn loves to breed one litter only.

This event happens once a  year. The money from this is given to County Spay and Neuter Trust. Partons can adopt a cat if they are interested.

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