Taiwan’s Houtong Village Saved By Hundreds Of Cats

Taiwan’s Houtong Village Saved By Hundreds Of Cats
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From the time you arrive at this picturesque Houtong Village located in northern Taiwan, you will be surprised to see cats everywhere.

There are cats, cats, and cats all around you. There are cat-themed cafes, street signs with distinct cat motifs, and pet food bowls to feed them. Moreover, you have got a cat-shaped crossover, and yes, cat friends wandering everywhere.

The Glory of Houtong Village

In the early 20th century, this village was the biggest advanced coal-mining site in Taiwan. At that time, Houtong town had close to 6000 workers and residents. The mine stopped functioning in the 1990s.

With the passage of time, Houtong became a deserted village with 100 residents.

A few years ago, this village gained more popularity after an avid photographer started writing online about this place.

The local government turned this village into a cat-paradise while giving a source of livelihood to the local villagers.

Volunteers and villagers of Houtong take care of these cats with love and affection. Moreover, the local government now does its bit by revamping Houtong and give a fresh lease of life.

Some of the addition in this village include-

  • A museum park opened in 2010
  • Pedestrian cat bridge
  • A cat education and information center with elevated cat walkways

The village now hosts close to 10,00,000 visitors every year.

The Other Side Of the Success Story

The village has now become the idle place for abandoned pets. This place now has something close to 286 cats. This is more than 50 cats.

The local department works with volunteers to provide proper medical treatment.

Signs are prominent instructing tourists on how to behave once you are here.

Where is Houtong?

Visitors can take Yilan Line that moves towards Ruifang to reach Houtong. It takes 60 minutes to reach this place.

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