Taylor Swift Honors “Cats” Cast With Meowtiful Presents!

Taylor Swift Honors Cats
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The Grammy award-winning singer Taylor Swift is acting in the film adaptation of “Cats” in London. She recently gifted all her kitty friends on the set.

This upcoming movie directed by the talented director Tom Hopper is already making noise for the star-studded cast. Tom Hopper is famous for directing the 2012 movie “Les Miserable.”

Last month, the singer-actor posted a selfie from the shooting spot of “Cats” excitedly showing freezing London.

The 10-time sensational Grammy award winner is acting in this movie along with a stellar cast that includes the likes of James Corden, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson.

Taylor Swift is a popular cat parent of Olivia and Meredith, two lovely felines.

She has previously acted in The Giver and Valentine’s Day.

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