Worker Suspended After Saving Cat Stranded On Utility Pole

Verizon Employee Saved Cat Stranded On Utility Pole
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A Verizon employee has been awarded a suspension by the concern for breaching safety protocol.

Hailed as a local hero by a Philadelphia suburb for risking his life to save a cat’s life, Maurice German, an employee at Verizon, was awarded a suspension.

The mobile video caught the rescue on 16th March 2019.

Locals on the community 2500 block of the East Monmouth Street located in Port Richmond had been attempting for a long time to save “Princess Momma,” a cute feline who got stranded on top of a pole.

Verizon employee German was present at the spot. He, without any hesitation, used his company’s small bucket truck to save the cat.

No one got injured in the rescue.

A company spokesman said, German’s good Samaritan effort breached safety protocol, and our company, Verizon, had no option but to relieve him from duty.

The suspension is 21 days without any payment.

The statement issued by the company-

“We take no pleasure when our employees breach protocols related to their work. Verizon, in particular, fully responsible and committed for keeping our workers safe.

All our staffs undergo extensive training focusing on on-the-job safety. Our main goal is to maintain a safe environment for both our customers and employees.

For safety reasons, our related equipment and trucks are not allowed to be employed in the area around electrical wires. German put lives of those around him and those around him in trouble.

To display our respect for animal rescue, our company has made a small donation to a Rescue shelter in Fishtown.”

Locals said they are thankful for German’s brave effort.

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