Where Is Wikileaks Founder Assange’s Cat? What Does It Hide From The U.S. Intelligence?

Where Is Wikileaks Founder Assange’s Cat?
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WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange hid plenty of secrets with him at the London’s Ecuadorian Embassy.

The WikiLeaks creator, Assange, has been booked with conspiring to illegally hack into a Pentagon system.  Julian’s alleged contacts with former Army officer Manning are the main bone of contention.

On Thursday, cops picked him up as his seven-year-old private life ended there unceremoniously. But, one final suspense captured the imagination of the internet world.

When did Assange Get the Cat?

While holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the past seven years, he was not always alone. For at least some part of the last seven years Assange was there, he had a cat friend.

The feline, named Michi, had a special nickname, Embassy Cat.

He was popular on social media. He also had its own Twitter and Instagram accounts with around 30,000 and 6,000 followers respectively.

And now when Julian was taken into custody, some cat lovers on media cared for the cat.

Michi tweeted regularly since its arrival in 2016. Comic cat pictures were the norm, with plenty of political puns.  One such tweet reads “ Embassy Cat was proud to be a #whiskerblower.”

In 2017, Michi tweeted just thrice.  In 2018, it tweeted only twice. For the last year or so, it has gone silent.

A newspaper reported two years ago that Julian’s interest in Michi was a bit more as a stunning cat of his own making and less as an avid cat lover.

How did Assange Treat His Cat At The Embassy?

The cat, Michi, played no role in getting his master kicked out of the embassy. It seems that Julian treated his cat disrespectfully. In 2018, the Ecuadorian embassy introduced a set of rules. He was asked to feed and care for his cat.

If Julian did not follow the rules, the Ecuadorian officials warned to put the cat in a shelter.

So, What happened to Assange’s Cat?

James Ball, a journalist, said that he wanted to take home the cat, but it is now at a shelter. Hanna Jonasson, a member of the Julian legal team, said Julian was shocked by the threat.

Hanna said, “ He requested his lawyers to move Michi to safety.” It seems Michi is now with his family and they will meet after he comes back.”

The cat is no more at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

According to a leading Italian paper, the embassy had lost its cordial atmosphere in 2018. The cat was missing from the embassy.

With its funny striped tie, Michi had helped reduce unnecessary tension inside the embassy. Julian had made up his mind to free the cat and allow it to lead a healthier life.

What Embassy Officials Have to Say?

The Embassy officials did not give any reply. But, a spokesperson said that Michi has left the building since the fall.

The spokesperson said, “ The cat was taken away by his associates. We are not ready to keep pets here, we are not a pet store.”

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