Late Wrestler Bundy’s Kitties Need New Homes

Wrestler Bundy's Kitties Need New Homes
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Christopher Pallies, whose ring name was King Kong Bundy, passed away on March 4.

A New Jersey resident, he was nicknamed the “walking condominium,” had a much cool side.

The wrestling giant fought the likes of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.  However, underneath that bone-crushing strength, Bundy was a soft guy.

When Bundy wasn’t contorting or slamming people, Christopher Pallies, as friends and family members knew him, liked nothing more than spending quality time with this kitties, as per news reports.

Now, most of the kitties he had unfortunately left behind need new homes and caring owners immediately.

According to reports, animal welfare organizations have adopted four cats. Suzanne Pomeroy, whose organization is dealing with the adoptions, clarified that Chris had got as many as ten cats.

She also said Chris was an excellent “cat lover.”

Ann McCallion, Gloucester Animal Shelter, posted on Facebook last week, “5, 8, 10, 15 years old. Wrestler King Kong Buddy is no more……now looking for new owners for his cats.”

“Stewie is 8-years old, who misses Bundy, his owner a lot, but he’s definitely trying his level best to stay normal until a new owner adopts him soon, ” the Gloucester Shelter said.  In addition, there’s Paige, 10, who’s just sober and dull and now wants someone to cuddle him.

Prada, Bundy’s five-year-old kitty, is a gift from God, would be your finest lap cat and stay calm, and laid back.

15-year-old Pat has the gentlest temperament, and she is amazingly sweet and soft. A minute guys, Pat is toothless.

It may be hard to believe that Bundy was one of the softest guys outside the ring.

The WWE in its condolence message said the 6-foot, 4 inches, Bundy was an eye-catching fighter to enter the ring.

They went on further and said, his powerful crushing offense always sent home the message that he was as strong as advertised.

“In general, King Kong Bundy was fully in control of his bout that he forced referees to count all the way to five when he held his opponents to demonstrate that there was nothing they could do.”

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