143rd Westminster’s Kennel Club Dog Show – King The Wire Fox Terrier Steals The Show

Westminsters Kennel Club Dog Show
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A feast for the eyes!  What fun! The 143rd Westminster’s Kennel Club Dog Show!

The end was not as fascinating as one would have imagined as the winner King, the wire fox terrier becomes fifteenth of his breed to have walked away with the honors.

Gabriel Rangel, the handler who showed the King is a three-time winner as a dog handler.

He is just one lesser than the record of four won by Peter J green, who did the honors tonight.

The crowd fell silent when popular judge Peter Green announced the results overlooking popular favorites:  a superb Sussex spaniel reaching the finals for the second time in a row and a cute Dachshund looking to break a century-old sphinx.

The result marked the umpteenth time a little charismatic wire fox terrier took away the top honors in the club’s 143-year history.

Scottish terriers are the second most popular winner having won this show eight times.

“It doesn’t get any better than that,” said Gabriel Ranger.

The smart seven-year-old dog from Brazil was part of the winnowing-down process. The show had around 2,800 entries in different dog breeds and with varieties from 14 other countries and all 50 states, including Japan, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia.

On the event night, King won the trophy beating his rivals including a fluffy Havanese named Bono(won reserve best in the show).

Other finalists include Spaniel Bean, who finished the sporting group on top, a Boxer dog named Wilma, and Baby Lars, a bouvier des Flandres.

The final was marred in controversy as Colton the Schipperke was declared ineligible. He was done so because of a conflict of interest.

On a happier note, Colton’s best in the group and best in breed wins was left untouched. He was permitted to do a lap of honor before he was eliminated from the ring.

A spokesperson for the club said that these are not unusual and rules are strict to maintain the reputation of such a popular event.

Gabriel  Rangel, who was filled with emotion, has now won three Westminster titles. His previous partners at the prestigious event were-

  • Sky, a wire fox terrier in 2014
  • Sadie, a Scottish terrier in 2010

After  Wednesday’s euphoric victory, a packed schedule awaits King and that includes-

  • Possible entry in Pretty Woman (a Broadway musical)
  • Lunch at Sardi’s
  • A photo shoot (Empire State Building)
  • A trip to Fox & Friends

Rangel said after the victory, “He should be running around in a field of grass.”

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