New Adventure Dog Park Opens In Staffordshire, UK

New Adventure Dog Park Opens In Staffordshire
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Canines can now experience the excitement of obstacle courses, woodland, and lakes all in one place.

Dog park sans leash welcomes visitors near Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom.

Designed in the brilliant countryside, there is plenty of space to walk, run, and jump around freely off the lead. All the rules must be followed without any deviation.

The park features all the important aspects of a dog park. It includes a lot of spaces to jump, climb, crawl, along with branches and tunnels, and tree stumps.

Jess Fleet, the woman who created this park initially struggled to find places for her pet to play of its leash.

As per news reports, Jess said, “ We have had this piece of land for some time now. It’s a good idea to use this for this purpose.”

“My spaniel is fond of water.”

For canines who move only with humans, this kind of socialization sessions provides the best opportunity to move with other dogs.

Sessions on Sundays and Saturdays are divided into small and miniature.

A 1.5 hours slot costs £6, £9, and £12 for one, two, and three dogs respectively. Fleet is totally convinced dog lovers will be happy to bring their lovely pets to the park.

Rules Of the Dog Park

  1. No dog parent should stay away from their pet for long. Keep track of your pet until you leave the dog park for your own good.
  2. Dogs are allowed to swim but the management is not responsible for your dog’s safety.
  3. Canines must be strictly under voice control.
  4. Check your dog for any behavior or health problems.
  5. Keep track of the warning signs. They include rigid body language, snapping, glaring, snarling, or growling
  6. The management does not permit excessive behavior of any kind including barking, humping, or digging.
  7. Clean up as soon as possible.
  8. Do not bring any human food. Littering and smoking are not allowed.
  9. Nonclimbing on fences or gates.
  10. Do not bring toys if your dog is not willing.
  11. Female dogs on heat or in season are not allowed.
  12. All dogs must wear an ID tag or harness or collar.
  13. Appropriate footwear is inevitable.

Dog Park Timings

Saturday & Sunday

  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
    Miniature & small dogs only
  • 01:00 PM – 14:30 PM
    All dogs welcome
  • 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
    Medium & large dogs only

Dog Park Contact

Park name – Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods

Address – Off Wrenbury Hall Drive (CW5 8EJ)

For bookings call – 07887 463362

Website –

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