Arkansas Woman ‘Devoured Alive’ By 10 Angry Dogs

Arkansas Woman ‘Devoured Alive’ By 10 Angry Dogs
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An Arkansas woman suffered the worst possible trauma in her entire life when she was dragged and mercilessly bitten multiple times by a group of dogs. Reports say some 10 dogs attacked the woman.

A doctor attending the patient stopped counting the bruises at 200.

The 27-year old woman was dragged and mercilessly attacked by a number of dogs while she was returning home.

The victim, who remains un-named, said the first dog bit her, and then the rest of the dogs followed.  According to reports, a pack of around 10 dogs pulled her behind, tearing off her dress in the commotion that followed.

She said, “ The area was vacant at the time of the incident.”

The victim said, “I think I did my level best to phone someone, and the dogs kept pulling me.” She was literally eaten alive by the set of 10 dogs.

A woman driving past heard her screams and luckily saved the woman from getting killed. The woman will now undergo a series of surgeries and multiple skin grafts.

In St. Francis County, the law permits the residents to allow dogs roam freely without any requirement to be on a leash.  This County is situated 60 miles on the west of Memphis, Tennessee.

The authorities claim little action can be taken on the owners because of local laws but nothing can stop the woman from filing a civil suit.

When contacted, the dog owners squarely put the blame on coyotes for this attack.

The authorities have not given any details about the dog breeds involved in this gruesome attack.

However, reports suggest, about 4.5 million, mostly children are injured by canines each year, and around 0.8 million of those require immediate medical help.

The AVMA claimed most dog bites happen during playful times with known dogs.

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