Alcohol-Free Beer For Dogs – Turn It On!

Beer For Dogs
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Turn it now! For starters, the beers contain zero percent alcohol and are filled with vitamins and proteins for thirsty canines.

Good Boy Dog Beer is the company behind this innovative initiative.

How it all started?

Megan and Steve Long started the Good Boy Dog Beer company last year. This company specializes in a line of beers only for dogs.

All these beers are also safe for us to drink.

The bar owners from Texas, zeroed in on a new line of brews after they realized that their Rottweiler was finding it hard to digest food.

The Longs wanted something nutritious for their dog and their dog beers are filled with peanut, veggie, chicken, and pork based products which their dog had trouble digesting.

Dog lovers suggest these beers are better served as just treats and not as a meal. These beers consist of raw materials that are not only healthy but safe for dogs.

To set the record straight, there is not even an iota of alcohol in these beers.

At present, this company sells four different flavors.  Each and every product has been named uniquely. The names of these drinks include-

  • Crotch Sniffin ‘ Ale
  • Session Squirrel
  • Mailman Malt Licker
  • IPA Lot In The Yard

Good Boy dog beers are available at both online as well as stores all over Houston.

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