A Patriotic Billionaire Helps A Marine Transport Pets

A Patriotic Billionaire Helps A Marine Transport Pets
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A U.S. marine was trying his level best to reach a new base when he understood that he had no choice other than to leave his two dogs due to size issues.

A Staff Sergeant serving in the Marine Corps, Andrew Morales, saved two canines from Afghanistan eight years ago. He brought them to California.

Everything was moving smoothly until, in 2013, when Morales was asked to shift in from California to Camp Lejeune.

He was getting ready to fly to his next destination when he realized that his pets were too large to fit on commercial flights.

Morales said, “ We failed to get them because this airport handles only small planes.”

He called the rescue team that had managed to shift his pets to California, and this news was shared on social media.

Helen Rosburg, Wrigley Gum (Owner), saw the post and decided to help Morales. She decided to send a private plane to transport Morales, his two pets, and their family to the Camp Lejeune Base.

Rosburg told reporters, “ Morales was about to leave his dogs. I cannot see that happen.”

“ Morales is a hero because of his service to the nation. The Wrigley is one such patriotic family and I’m a true patriot.”

Needless to say, all the members of his family including Morales were extremely delighted and grateful to Helen for her timely help.

Morales said, “ From the bottom of my heart and my wife’s we sincerely appreciate and congratulate Helen for what she did.”

He also mentioned that they would love to meet Helen Rosburg in person one day in the future.

“ We should find an easy way to meet,” said Helen, who encouraged the idea of getting together.

What a humane act of kindness and love from pet-loving Helen to help the Marine Sergeant Andrew Morales in the last minute so that their adorable pets are not left right behind.