Panek, A Blind Man And His Guide Dogs Make History At NYC Half Marathon

Blind Man And His Guide Dogs Make History
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A blind man and his dogs made history last Sunday. Thomas completed the NYC half marathon. For this purpose,  he employed the assistance of three energetic guide dogs.

Panek, the CEO, and President of “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” completed the 13.1-mile race along with three guide dogs, Gus, Waffle, and Westley.

He told reporters at the start of the race that he plans to step up the pace and finish the race within a decent time.

“Dogs are running animals. They love to run and move,“ Panek said. The dogs were really keen to get out there and run.

The first five miles, Thomas was joined by Westley. A Labrador retriever, Waffle, followed Westley, and Gus, a Labrador retriever, helped him finish the race.

Westley is a loveable, social dog and Waffle, his sister, is the only girl in the marathon team. Thomas completed the race in a solid time of 2h & 20 mins. Gus received a medal for her stupendous performance after the marathon got over.

This was Gus’s last race and he has accepted retirement. Gus will spend the rest of his life with Panek’s family members “as a cute pet.”

Westley and Waffle will now wait and get a handler and take things forward from there.