Blood Transfusion Saves A Dog’s Life In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Blood Transfusion Saves A Dog’s
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You may own your dog but it’s your dog that actually is owning you. Why? There are so many dog owners who go to any extreme to save their doggie’s life.

A beagle named Coale looked awkward when his masters dropped him off at a dog daycare.

Gallimore, the daycare owner, discovered something was amiss when she noticed some changes in Coale’s health.

The gum color turned white and the belly was distended.

Gallimore ran out to the just leaving dog parents to tell them about their dog’s condition.

Coale’s owners took him to Dr. McNamara (Animal Emergency Center).

Dr. McNamara said, “He had a mass on his spleen had ruptured which allowed the blood to go into the abdominal cavity.”

The owners were shellshocked when a 3-lbs tumor was diagnosed.

Doctors also suggested a blood transfusion.

Now enters Chyppe, the life savior Boxer dog. He also serves as a blood donor for other dogs in emergencies.

Tracy Hendrickson, Canine Blood Bank, Tulsa, has helped save hundreds of lives.

Hendrickson said, “ We will be there at the hospital within 30-90 minutes to help dogs with gunshot wounds, hit and run accident or surgery.”

Coale survived and his owners were thankful that his tumor was not cancer.

This kind of tumor is popular in senior dogs and can even kill a dog within hours if left unnoticed.

Be proactive and if you find your dog unhealthy, take them to the vet.

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