Brave Dog Border Collie Saves Chihuahua From Getting Killed By A Car

Border Collie Saves Chihuahua
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Did you watch the video of a brave dog save a puppy from getting killed by a Mazda?

Embrace yourself.

It’s never a nice sign to catch the glimpse of a dog run past your car’s rear-view mirror when you are reversing.

One Mazda driver had a reason to worry.

The unnamed driver notes, “ First I believed I had killed my dog.”

The video from a closeby home security camera captured something more chilling. An awesome scene of a dog saving another dog from the jaws of death by a whisker.

When you see the video, you will realize that the smallest dog is a Chihuahua, who was almost killed by a careless driver as he roamed into the driveway when the car was reversing.

The Chihuahua appears like he entered the exact path of the reversing car until a brave Border Collie from nowhere enters the scene to save the Chihuahua.

It’s brilliant to note that these two dogs have turned into close companions. The driver is seen relieved to see both the dogs alive, and she immediately leads them away from the driveway.

Ensuring that all your fur-buddies are safe before you reverse your car is the best tip given by pet experts.  This holds true for small dogs who do not move quickly.

Nowadays, most vehicles have rear-view cameras. At times, even 360-degree views, the smaller dogs can dodge past your view.

It did not turn into a disastrous accident where two pets were crushed instead of one.

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