Can Dogs Eat Green Beans? Health Benefits & Rules

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?
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Can Dogs Eat Green Beans? Of course! Your canine can have green beans. In fact, it is a great choice!

Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, your canine will enjoy it as a treat. It is the crossover food because it contains the benefits of legume and vegetable.

But, keep in mind that every vegetable has a few risks. Green beans are no exception! High alkaline content in beans may upset your dog’s stomach. So, don’t overfeed it to your canine!

Beans cooked up with many spices may cause health issues in your canine! So, you must know the feeding methodologies of it.

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Are Green Beans Safe For Dogs?

Yes, this nutrient-rich vegetable is safe for your pooch. In fact, it is a healthy treat for your canine and helps to lose weight for obese dogs. They are also a yummy snack and a healthy alternative for dog treats.

But, you should be careful with the feeding methodologies and the amount of feed. Chopped, canned or in steamed form of beans are healthy for your pooch. But, do not add salt or any other ingredient to it!

Ingredients such as salt, spices, onions or garlic, if added to beans, may harm your dog’s health. So, feeding plain beans is the safest way for your canine to be healthy. Cooked beans also serve well for your pooch.

Always feed beans in moderate amount. Green beans contain a protein named “lecithin.” So, if you feed excess amount of beans to your dog, it may cause diarrhea, vomiting and even nausea.



Green Bean Hazards to Avoid

It is vital to know the hazards of green beans as it has a few risks. You will get to know the best ways to feed it after you know the hazards.

  1. Don’t serve raw green beans as it may upset your dog’s tummy. But, a couple of beans are fine for it!
  2. Spicing the beans with a lot of salt and butter may cause heart problems in your dog. So, don’t feed canned beans with salt added to it!
  3. Avoid feeding a whole, large green bean. It can lead to breathing problems
  4. Green beans spiced up with onions and garlic is unhealthy for your canine!
  5. It is not advisable to feed green beans cooked with oils and spices!

So, better serve the green beans as plain or mix them in their food. Cook the beans in quick steam and serving it is also a good idea!

Are Green Beans Healthy For Dogs?

Of course, it is healthy for your pooch and has a lot of benefits. It contains vital nutrients such as vitamins K, C, A, B6, calcium, iron, and protein. Fiber-rich but calorie free, it provides a wholesome diet for canines.

Also, it helps your dog to lose extra pounds gained through exercises and other activities. Obese dogs may suffer from health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Weight management in these dogs will get them back into shape. Green beans play a major part in it. It helps these dogs to lose weight and make them healthy.

But, you should take the diet moderation to account based on the dog’s lifestyle, breed, and age of canines. Also, these dogs should get enough exercise even after they are on the diet plan.

Now, take a look at the more health benefits of this greenish legume aka vegetable.

Green Bean Nutrition

This greenish vegetable has a lot of nutrients. Less in fat and free of cholesterol, it is rich in vitamins (42%) and contains 13% dietary fiber.

Green bean is also rich in vitamin C and contains 3% of protein as well. Also, it has 5% of potassium. These nutrients will help for your canine’s health.

Vitamin C: It plays several roles in your dog’s body. It acts as an immune booster of your canine and helps for the improvement of your dog’s immune function. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant and helps for the regeneration of vitamin E in your canine.

It also acts as a natural antihistamine and helps with allergies in dogs. Vitamin C also helps the canines having hip dysplasia, spinal disorders, and degenerative joint diseases.

Dietary Fiber: Fiber improves the colon health of your dog and keeps it healthy.

Magnesium: The essential mineral in your canine, it helps for muscle health.

Potassium: It cures urinary tract infections.

Green Bean Diet For Dogs

This diet is for obese dogs. It substitutes a certain percentage of your dog’s food and helps for weight loss.

If you plan to have your dog this diet, first add green beans as a supplement for 10% of your dog’s regular food. Over time, increase the green bean percentage up to 50% and continue until the pooch reaches the target weight.

Once your dog attains the target weight, reintroduce your dog’s food. Through this way, the green bean diet helps your canine to lose weight!

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