Chile Dogs Sniff Out Tainted Wine With 100% Accuracy

Chile Dogs Sniff Out Tainted Wine
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Canines are man’s best friend. Moreover, they are amazingly talented. Not only some dogs are expert enough to find bodies, bombs, and drugs, but some dog breeds can sniff out art smugglers, destructive pests, bed bugs, and malaria.

Dogs also function wonderfully as therapy pets and excellent cuddlers.

At present, as per reports, they have been training canines in Chile on how to correctly identify tainted wine. This program has been named “Natinga Project.”

TN Coopers, a wine barrel manufacturer, has recently trained and employed 5 Labrador retrievers for detecting natural chemicals such as tribromoanisole(TBA) and trichloroanisole (TCA). These are not dangerous chemicals as such, but they are capable enough to cause a “cork taint.”

In the case of cork taint, it diminishes the flavor of the wine and leaves behind a bad aroma.

Without the help of a dog nose, it’s not easy to track down these chemicals with advanced technology. With the help of this Project, the canines are ready to be rented out and other wineries will benefit from the services of these intelligent ones.

At a winery, a dog successfully detected traces of contamination. The problem still persisted and the winery brought the dogs back. The dog was actually referring to a rubber ring fixed to the hose, and not the hose itself.

“The most interesting part is that the canines were right; it was an error in terms of understanding what it was communicating, ” the manager at Coopers told reporters.

Their rich sense of smell rarely ever misses and is exceedingly reliable.

The project has earned new takers in California.

Calderon says, “I’m happy that we are training puppies that will do this work for many more years to come.”

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