China Clones Yunnan’s Top Police Dog To Cut Costs

China Clones Yunnan’s Top Police Dog To Cut Costs
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Kunxun, the now popular Chinese dog, was developed from a police dog but the cost of cloning is a big ask for the time being.

Scientists in China’s south-west province, Yunnan, have developed a one-of-a-kind-police-dog in a new groundbreaking project they believe will cut training costs and times for the police dogs.

Named Kunxun, the dog was created from a sniffer dog by utilizing the services of the Yunan Agricultural University and Sinogene Biotechnology Company from Beijing. The Ministry of Public Security is providing all the support to make this project a grand success.

The main purpose of cloning police dogs is to reduce training times and cost incurred during training. Sinogene is planning to achieve “mass production” of cloned department dogs according to Zhao Jianping, the company’s deputy GM. However, he did admit that the cost of cloning is a major setback.

The cloned dog, Kunxun, is three months old. It will now undergo rigorous training in different areas such as searching for evidence, crowd management, and drug detection. Kunxun will become a fully-trained police dog before it is 10 months of age.

In general, police dog training usually lasts about five years. It could cost something close to $74725 with no assurance for success. These details were provided by an expert from the popular Yunan Agricultural University.  The exact cost of a cloned dog was not made public.

As you all know, South Korean researchers created the first cloned dog way back in 2005. In 2007, the South Korean authorities began using the services of cloned Labrador retrievers.

These dogs were employed to sniff out narcotic substance.

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