Captain America Actor Chris Evans’ New Documentary Showcases The Best Of The Best Service Dogs

Chris Evans' Voices Superpower Dogs
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Diamonds are girl’s best friend and dogs are man’s best friend, and if you are one of those who believes in this adage, then this movie could expose you to some of the world’s best service dogs.

A new movie titled Superpower Dogs, which recently started its run in IMAX screens around the world, showcases, and in a sense glorifies the lives of six brilliant service dogs who don’t do anything other than help humans in countless ways.

The movie, which was voiced by action superstar “Captain America” protagonist Chris Evans, takes viewers on a mesmerizing IMAX trip that follows these canines around the globe as they save precious lives through sniffing out crime, therapy or emotional support, and rescue missions.

The dogs include Tony and Tipper from South Africa who helps identify poachers; Halo, a SAR dog; Reef, an amazing water rescue dog; Henry, an avalanche rescue canine; Ricochet, a therapy dog.

As per reports, “ this magnificent film shows these dogs as the real superheroes who are living amidst us.”

“The film would inspire more people who don’t even own a dog, as the dogs are mindblowing. The message about compassion, commitment, and courage are fantastic.

If you wish to know whether this movie is running in theaters near you, check out this website-Superpower Dogs for more details.

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