Cincinnati Zoo Plans To Keep Ten Painted Dogs Along With Their Mother!

Cincinnati Zoo Plans To Keep Ten Painted Dogs
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At the EWC (Endangered Wolf Center) at St. Louis, MO, two female Painted dogs gave birth to a record number of 23 pups. The new females were stubborn in not sharing the space or one male with others.

Christina Gorsuch, Zoo Curator, said,” There is one alpha female in the pack, and this dog will breed with the alpha male.”

The male painted dog had it tough this time, leaving the center with a lot of pups.

Two large litters, 12 in 2016, and 10 in 2015 have adorned the Cincinnati’s Painted Dog Valley. The Valley currently host five litter and will move to a new location soon.

Until then, these litters will be maintained at any of the Zoo’s properties.

Gorsuch said, “We wish to care for the pups again. The pack of ten pups (five males, five females) and the seven-year-old Akili would reach this place soon.”

In a span of five months, these pups will grow into a pre-teen dog. The Valley would be the best place to learn the needed social skills while still chasing, and playing.

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