Dog Car Barriers – Safety Vehicle Barriers For Pets

Dog Car Barriers
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Are you regularly taking your hand off while driving to comfort your dog or pet? You should also learn about safety vehicle barriers.

A study found that at least one in every five drivers agrees with this situation.

If you feel the situation is getting tense, you should consider getting yourself a safety pet barrier.

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Why safety pet barriers are important?

  • A pet safety barrier sticks your pet in one place restricting its unnecessary movement.
  • It prevents the pet from sitting and traveling on your lap while you are busy driving.
  • The airbag system in front can also cause serious injuries in case of a sudden crash.

Types of Dog Safety Barriers

Mesh Barriers

These barriers are the least expensive, easier installation option, and lightweight.

Mesh barriers are flexible. They come in different sizes. Some models address the gap between the front seats, while others can meet the width of your car.

Back pockets and ventilation window without blocking air flow from dashboard units are also available.

Prices for mesh barriers are between $10 and $85 USD.

Metal Pet Barriers

A heavy metal strong tubular barrier can prevent or restrict a larger dog.

These barriers are suitable for SUVs, hatchbacks, and crossovers come in heavy duty and lightweight all-steel construction designs.

Metal models are available for both the rear and front of SUVs or cars.

Prices are between $40 and $300 USD.

Car Seat Hammocks

These safety barriers function both as car seat covers and a safety barrier.

Quite simple to install and you should simply secure to the back rear and front seat headrests.

There are hammocks that are waterproof, with extra side flaps and padding, non-slip backing, machine washable.

Prices range between $25 and $90.

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