“Dog Farms Are No More Tolerated” Says Humane Society

Dog Farms Are No More Tolerated Says Humane Society
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As dog meat lovers flood the streets of South Korea, the sincere effort to close down dog farms where these animals are bred, and then sold for consumption is also carried out in full swing.

Humane Society International performed their job to perfection.

Beth Wellman, Director, Humane Society Midland County, responded by saying “This is another large scale farm closed and the owners are provided with other business skills for survival.”

The organization is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the owners are given a different profession. These dog farms are also asked not to breed these animals again.

As per reports, this farm had something close to 200 dogs, including Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles, Huskies, and Chihuahuas.

The society is of the view that as long as the dogs are healthy and social, the adoption process can start anytime soon.

Another important factor is analyzing the temperament of these rescued dogs before they are actually given for adoption.

Experts agree that these dogs need socialization and housebreaking training.

The Humane Society is in need of funds and items such as old bedding and towels are also accepted for the comfort of the dogs.

For more details about donation, visit the shelter in person or

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