Alert Dog Owner Saves His Pet’s Life Using Heimlich Maneuver

Dog Owner Saves His Pet’s Life Using Heimlich Maneuver
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Electrician Aspey noticed his Jack Russell dog named Sally, 10, choking in kitchen.  He had just fed cheese to all his dogs.

He used his life skills learned from his previous job to dislodge the blocked item and save Sally.

Aspey, 22, an independent thinker saved his pet’s life by doing the “Heimlich maneuver”

Joshua, immediately jumped into action when his pet, choked and almost fought for its life after eating a piece of cheese.

Without wasting a second, the former Watchet lifeguard employed skills he learned from his previous job.

He thumped Sally quite heavily on the chest and back to save her from this disastrous situation.

Aspey saved the dog, and the Sunday commotion was rightly captured on a camera.

As per reports, Aspey said, “I did hear the dog’s paws scraping on the floor. When I turned around, I saw Sally struggling.

After a few tries, the first food piece got dislodged. He had plenty of food stuck in there.

Watching your pet fighting for life like that is really terrible. My dogs are everything to me. I worked as a lifeguard. In that job, I had learned how to save a choking victim.

The incident happened after Mr. Aspey had given small cheese pieces to three of his dogs. He owns Mickey, a Border Terrier, and another cross named Daisy.”

How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver?

When someone is fighting for breath, quick action is recommended. Bear in mind, a victim has just around 240 seconds before experiencing bad consequences.

  • If the choking person is standing, the rescuer can help the person from behind. The rescuer can save the person by locking his arms around the victim’s waist and apply upward pressure.
  • When the victim is unconscious, place the victim on his back. Do the “Heimlich Maneuver” until the object is dislodged.
  • If needed, you can perform this “Maneuver” on yourself.

If you are unsure, please do not try anything stupid. Call the emergency helpline and wait for medical help.


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