A Beautiful Mind – 5 Best Dog Sidekicks In Movies

A Beautiful Mind – 5 Of The Best Dog Sidekicks In Movies
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Dogs have earned their special place in this world as man’s best friend. They are now an integral part of our existence and play.

Dogs patiently hear us put on our bad days. They are our consciences, confidantes, and companions.

These four-legged friends prove that they are stalwarts in their own right. Pop culture has proven that canines are far more important than humans are in a good way.

1. The Artist

The United States of America fell in head over heels love with Uggie.

The hero is rarely seen without his sidekick as Jack comes along with him to parties and functions. Jack goes from an ordinary sidekick to a miniature hero when he brings in the police to save his owner.

2. I Am Legend




In this thriller, Will Smith works non-stop to change the mutation that changed the city population into a violent being.

A majestic German Shepherd, Samantha, helps him on different occasions. Samantha saves the hero from bloodthirsty beings.

3. The Mask




Max, a bright and smart Jack Russell terrier, played Milo, worked brilliantly as Jim Carrey’s(hero) sidekick. Max and Carrey fed off one another’s energy while shooting the movie.

Animal co-stars can also be as sober and sad as humans.

4. Up




Pixar’s animation wonder “Up” stands out on different counts. Dug, a golden retriever allows and creates a different level of the emotions to the relationship.

Explorer Russell and Carl find themselves deserted in the South American jungle. Dug owned by Charles Muntz greets them.

Dug, eventually, wins the heart and soul of Carl.

5. The Wizard Of Oz

When Gale lands in the fictional world of Oz, she is accompanied by her loyal friend, Toto.

He exposes the true nature of the man to prove that Wizard is not the one with powers. The Wizard is a shyster.

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