Dog Walking Can Be Difficult For Seniors- Research Claims!

Dog Walking Can Be Difficult For Seniors
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A recent report published indicates senior people who walk pet dogs on leashes are more prone to getting injured.

Researchers claim ER patients aged 60 and above with minor fractures linked to walking dogs on leash rose from 1670 injuries a decade ago to 4,500 injuries in 2017.

How the researchers arrived at this conclusion?

They analyzed, studied data from the NEIS database. The database includes anonymous public data collected by CPSC on injuries in America.

Mostly the reported cases were all female patients. The most popular injury was the hip, experts found, followed by the upper arm or wrist injuries. The report also states more than 26 percent of reported cases required admission.

Researchers claim that senior patients living alone with less mineral density the injury risk is multifold.

The doctors usually recommend smaller dog breeds and early obedience training for canines to tackle this situation.

A doctor practicing at Rush University in Chicago said he’s witnessing a spike in injuries related to walking leashed dogs amongst senior citizens.

This also reflects an aging American population, according to doctors.

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