Dog Zodiac

Dog Zodiac
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2018 – Year of the Dog

According to the Chinese astrology, every year is classified as a Chinese Zodiac animal with respect to a 12-year cycle. As per this practice, 2018 is recognized as an earth Dog year.


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Do you know that your zodiac sign has the power to decide a plenty of things in your life? Have you ever wondered at your zodiac sign when you were thinking about what pet to get?

Yes, speaking of furry friends, we have designed an interesting quiz that will help you determine what dog breed you should own based on your astrological zodiac signs.

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Why do you really want to own a dog?

Years Recognized As Dog Years

1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and 2030. The Dog is placed in the eleventh place in the Chinese astrology Zodiac. It occupies its position after the Rooster and prior to the pig.

Lucky Things - Do's And Don't In The Dog Year 2018

Lucky You in Dog Year

  • Lucky numbers – 3,4,9
  • Lucky Shades – Green, purple and red
  • Lucky flowers – Cymbidium Orchids, rose
  • Lucky directions – East, South, and Northeast

You are Dog?? Beware of these!!! Unlucky

  • Unlucky Shades – Blue, gold and white
  • Unlucky numerals – 1,6 and 7
  • Unlucky directions – Southeast
  • Unlucky months – 5th and 8th lunar Chinese months

Check Yourself!!! Are You Born In Dog Year?

There are certain date ranges within which if people are born they are considered to have Dog zodiac. Check out below to know whether you and your dear ones fall underdog zodiac.

Dog YearStartEnd

Five Different Kinds Of Zodiac Dog - Know Yours!!!!

As per the Chinese element concept, every zodiac sign is related with an element out of the five elements.

  • Gold (Metal)
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

A wood dog’s turn comes once in every 60 years, similarly, every element takes its turns in every zodiac sign.

According to Chinese astrology, the characteristic of an individual is based on the year of birth zodiac animal sign and element. There are five kinds of zodiac dogs and every dog has its own individual characteristics.

Type Of DogYear Of Birth Characteristics
Wood Dog1934, 1994Sincerity, reliability, understanding capacity, patience and considerate
Fire Dog1946, 2006Sincerity, hard worker and good intelligence
Earth Dog1958, 2018Seriousness, good communication skill and responsible in duty
Gold Dog1910, 1970Reserved, desirable, being cautious and helping tendency
Water Dog1922, 1982Selfish and highly competent in solving financial issues

Personality Of Dog Zodiac


People born in Chinese dog zodiac are generally honest, loyal, kind, amiable, prudent and cautious. As they are loyal and sincere they usually try to accomplish everything for an individual who they consider as very important to them.


With communication in the back seat, it is slightly difficult for the dogs to communicate their intentions to others comfortably. This, in turn, makes others think that the dogs are of a stubborn personality and aren’t easy going, people.


Born with a good personality, people in dog zodiac never try hands-on criminal acts and do not attempt to earn dishonest profits. They look for a peaceful life and happy family. They are usually away from the bad evil happenings on Earth.


Dogs give first place to other when it comes to helping. Their interests are always placed secondary and they tend to support others first. Betrayal by cunning individuals leave them shocked with pain and the feeling of betrayal collapses them.


When a thought of doubt arises in the minds of people in dog zodiac they conclude that the entire world is complex and evil to deal with. They happen to criticize keenly as they comment on certain things and relate most of the situations to their pessimistic thoughts.

Health Of Dog’ians

In general Dog zodiac, people happen to stay healthy as they keep themselves surrounded with happy vibes. People under this zodiac are generally attracted towards sports activities, so they tend to be resilient to sicknesses like cold, cough and fever.

During stressful days and continuous work schedules, they should make sure to take adequate rest apart from having a proper exercise regime which would keep them active and fit both physically and mentally.

People in this zodiac do not run for power and wealth so they usually do not much stressed or pressurized at the workplace and in their family life.

Right Career Choice For People Born In Dog Zodiac

As individuals in dog zodiac seem to be loyal personalities they usually pick careers which are related to the concept of serving people. These people are considered worthy employees as they do their work with heart and soul and accomplish the tasks assigned to them full heartedly.

The dog zodiac born people are easygoing and kind and they never hesitate to take up others workload to support them and this makes them a very friendly and popular in their workplace.

Careers suggested for Dog’ians:  Few careers that may best suit people born in this zodiac are police, researcher, counsellor, designer, the teaching profession, politics, priest, nurse and judge.

2018 For People Born In Dog Zodiac

Unfortunately, 2018 is not bringing much good luck to the people born in the year of the dog. 2018 falls to be a dog year in the Chinese astrology. The dog year 2018 and the zodiac birth years is destined to have not so good astrological relations.

No worries!!! Just read ahead and try to make Good luck in your zodiac year.

Fortune In 2018




Dogs need to take up on their own in 2018 to gain their fortune. It could be a tough time but there are chances to win over the hurdles and gain from real estate deals or technology investments.

The Taisui star could bring in some good fortune in 2018 for doggies. The Taisui star brings in luck to earn good profit from thermal power investments or cultural projects.

People born in dog year usually aim at earning benefits by planning their own methodologies. At times they could be slightly radical or play tough. So better be cautious of the legal objection and rejection of leadership.

Education In 2018




It is kind of difficult to concentrate on books and studies this year for people born in dog zodiac. There are high chances that they will get distracted by unnecessary attractions and have a slip in their grades and marks.

Maintaining a low profile is advisable as this would help them to keep away from bullies. It is also necessary for dog zodiac individuals to be careful and stay safe outside the class too.

Career prospects In 2018




Dogs are quite ambitious and this is absolutely evident in 2018. But it is not an easy path to go high on the career ladder in 2018, So if you are dog zodiac person just strive harder and qualify better to get promotions and better job offers.

For business people, it is a good option to invest in real estate deals, technical projects, thermal power investments or cultural projects. There are high chances of earning a good sum of profit from these projects and investments. so try your hands on these deals and enjoy a good business prospect.

Born in Dog zodiac you fall in benmingnian in 2018, it is advised to take good relaxed walks in the parks to get away with your bad fortunes.

Love In 2018




People in dog zodiac tend to be fond of love and better relationships in 2018. The outcome need not be ideal, the dogs are in a favourable position to gain a good advantage and strong initiative.

For guys, even though their love relationship is forecasted as not to be fruitful this year, this doesn’t state that they may not get into romance. All theta the astrology predicts is that it might take a little longer time than usual.

For ladies, it is quite disappointing as your love life may not ripen this year. You may seem to be in pride and radical nature which in turn may put down your love thoughts and feelings.

Walks around lakes or park may bring better fortune in the romantic endeavours taken up Dog’ians.

Health In 2018 




Health as such isn’t getting you any good this year. As 2018 is the zodiac birth year there are high chances of injuring your hands and legs. There are also chances of meeting with serious accidents with blood injuries which may be caused due to their radical nature.

Respiratory system may also get you into trouble so better pay attention to your breathing troubles.

It is suggested that people born in dog zodiac must get away with their capricious and radical nature. Relax as you take calm walks in parks and lakes.

2018 Unlucky Years For Dog’ians

As per the astrology in Chinese during the year of the birth sign, individuals seem to be offending Tai Sui who is the God of age in Chinese mythology. Due to which they tend to have bad luck throughout their zodiac year 2018.

It is hereby advised that the dog zodiac people must take much care of themselves in all aspects of their life during this year to safeguard themselves from unnecessary threats and for leading a peaceful life.

Compatibility Of Dog Zodiac

Are people born in dog zodiac compatible with you??? Check out !!!!

Every animal sign has its own special characteristics. Love compatibility in relation to the Chinese zodiac animal acts on the concept that only people with matching characteristics tend to have good compatibility. All it requires is a little more effort for others whose characteristics do not match much.

Best Compatibility – Rabbit

Worst Compatibility – Dragon, Goat, Rooster

Building Relationships With Dog Zodiac People

The simple tagline to describe people in dog zodiac is that they would suffer pain and loss than pushing others to trouble. The most fascinating character of these people is that they never act against their intuitions to an immortal activity.

  • As you build close friendship – People in this zodiac usually make a thorough study of the people around them before they bring them into a friends circle. It is because of their trait of being quite cautious and reserved. However, once they are in the friendship boundary they take all steps to keep up the relationship and be faithful to have a good relationship bonding.
  • Love Relationships – Dog zodiac individuals do not fall prey to love very easily. However, if they tend to love a person they love them full heartedly. The nature of doggies is that when they are in love they make sure to be highly faithful to their partner and maintain a loyal bonding. However, their feeling tends to have ups and downs as they deal with romantic emotions.

Year Of Dog – Mathematically

The year of dog falls in the date range, 16th February’18 to 4th February’19, so children born in this period are considered to be born in dog zodiac. This is the first year the dog zodiac comes after about 12 years.

2018 is also considered as Earth year which is among the five elements which come on cyclic turn in the Chinese zodiac.

Moreover, an Earth dog year takes its turn only once in 60 years. In such a case, people born in the date range, February 18th1958 to February 17th 1959 will be enjoying the first time experience of being alive in their zodiac sign year.

It is the first time after their birth that they are in the birth sign year they are born. It must be a very lucky opportunity if you happen to be alive in the next earth dog year which falls in 2078.

Year Of Dog – Astrologically

All of us are aware and accept that the dog is one of the best pets which is known for its loyalty, friendliness and kindness. People born in this dog zodiac sign are also considered to be having similar traits.

They are regarded as people with easy going, trustworthy and helping nature. The people of this sign are not much likely to look for money and power and are more likely to keep the place and the people around them happy.

At times as humans, they seem to be a little critical, stubborn and tough to handle. Communication is a big barrier for them and they tend to turn pessimistic when they have even a pinch of doubt.

Their outlook on life is peaceful and positive. The nature of the people born in this zodiac also varies in relation to the lunar month they are born.

Some of the famous Earth dogs are Madonna and Michael Jackson. There are also a few other famous personalities who are born in dog sign but other than Earth element such people are Justin Bieber, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Mother Teresa and many more.

The year not just plays a role in the destiny of an individual who comes underdog zodiac but the time and date also have its significance in their prospects in dog zodiac. People born between 9 AM and 1 PM  and also those born between 3 PM and 5 PM are considered to be more successful.

Those born on 1st, 6th, 7th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 26th, 28th or the 30th day of the lunar month of Chinese calendar are considered to be quite lucky than others.

The lucky shades for the year 2018 for dog zodiac are yellow, orange and red. It is good to have these shades in the décor of home and people of this zodiac may also wear clothing in this shade to surround with good vibes.

It would be quite helpful in getting good luck their way for their betterment. It is better to avoid green and grey shades.

The Chinese astrology and tradition indicate that wearing red undergarment during the zodiac year will turn good and positive vibes to the people in that zodiac. People in dog zodiac can try this Chinese culture to ward off their bad vibes and luck.

Once the dog zodiac passes through this year, they can continue to enjoy a steady, peaceful life to happiness.