Why Dogs Hate The Smell Of Coffee Grounds?

Why Dogs Hate The Smell Of Coffee Grounds?
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Why dogs hate the smell of coffee grounds?

Canines love foul odors such as stinking meat, yet some dogs are repulsive to smells that look normal to us.

It shows, even dogs, like humans, have their own set of likes and dislikes with respect to certain smells.

We should not jump the gun and come to some conclusion. Let’s analyze why dogs hate the smell of coffee grounds?

If dogs drink or eat coffee, it could harm their health. Some dogs know this intuitively and are much smarter than we all know.

On a lighter note, you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee with your dog.

Canines, just like us, share likes and dislikes when we talk about smells. Dogs prefer no material to stink up their place, which explains why some dogs wish to roll in feces and other smelly things.

It’s mostly in the way our brain registers smells. An odor can smell unique and different to different people and dogs.

It’s similar to canines having a lamb phobia. Even experts don’t know why the odor of lamb cooking irritates some dogs.

This phobia is seen in both, herding and non-herding dogs.

These coffee grounds phobia also appear on similar lines with the lamb phobia. This is the most important factor why people report that their cats and dogs have an aversion to the smell.

One simple idea for maintaining wandering dogs and stray cats from dirtying lawns and flower beds as their litter area is to sprinkle coffee grounds and orange peels.

You can try to help your dog adjust to the rich smell of coffee grounds, but ingesting coffee grounds can cause caffeine toxicity.

So, now you know why dogs don’t work at Starbucks?

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