Dogs Save Stroke Victim!

Dogs Save Stroke Victim
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As per reports, Maureen Hatcher slumped in her home on 3rd December 2018.

She is a resident of St.Augustine, Florida.

A blood clot had instantly cut off the normal blood supply to the right part of her brain. This pushed her into a near collapse like situation.

With no time, Maureen was facing a near disaster situation or permanent brain damage.

Luckily for her, her dogs Bella and Sadie were by her side and saved her life.

Hatcher said, “ Sadie was coming in and I asked her for help.”

Both Sadie and Bella ran off to call for help.

Minutes later the dogs returned with a person and he called 911.

The front door camera keenly caught all the action showing how the dogs hurried across the road to ask for help.

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