Dogs Save Two Kids Aged Under Six In Florida

Dogs Save Two Kids Aged Under Six In Florida
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Two foster kids both well under six years of age were seen Saturday roaming along Florida’s I-10.

These kids were seen with two dogs who witnesses claim walked between the interstate and the two kids for safety reason.

Some passerby also claimed, at times, the dogs muzzled the kids back to safety when they went too close.

Okaloosa County authorities told news reporters that these kids were playing and scooted from their home.

The kids foster father could not locate them due to some medical issues but deputies say he did whatever he could in his capacity.

No charges were framed so far in this case.

The dogs were believed to be shepherd and Great Pyrenees mixes.

A passerby took them into his car and they were wet at that time. One of the kid was not wearing any shoes.

One of the main witnesses said the two kids would have been in grave danger if not for the dogs.

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