Escaped Canines Terrify Gainesville Neighborhood

Escaped Dogs Terrify Gainesville Neighborhood
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Residents of Gainesville neighborhood captured two terrorizing Pitbulls, and one of the dogs was shot dead by a Police officer.

The other dog died due to suffocation by the locals while trying to pin it down.

Two canines that ran amok through a generally quiet suburb of Gainesville neighborhood were killed last Friday night.

A dog these Pitbulls attacked was affected in the fight.

Five Pitbulls owned and raised by Reynaldo Davila, escaped through a broken fence and began frightening the Northwood Pines locality.

Locals caught two of the five Pitbulls, one of those dogs was killed. The other dog passed away probably due to suffocation by the local people trying to pin it down, said Jorge Campos, GPD Inspector.

This neighborhood is already notorious for a Pitbull attack in which one Linda Swinburn’s mixed breed was killed by Nathaniel Pettiford’s dog last September. This place is just a street over the latest attack.

Resident Campos and Virginia Brissette described the scene at around 8:30 p.m.

“Five Pitbulls came out from Davila’s house. They are creating a nuisance. They attacked a couple who had a dog. A dog went after the woman, attacked their dog and terrorized her,” Virginia said.

“The woman’s husband warded off the Pitbull away from their dogs, and the Pitbull kept going and going.”

The couple was later identified as Amber and Dustin Bank, and their dog as Lucy. Once he confirmed that his wife and dog were normal, he went after the dog who was busy attacking a beagle-mix, Penny.

Penny was immediately rushed to the clinic situated at the Florida College of Medicine.

Other than this, two other canines were fighting a third canine some block down the street. Campos described the scene as chaotic and found a lot of residents keeping their dogs under control.

Campos described what he saw, “One of the residents holding the stray pit bull complained he was tired and could not pin the dog. The officer on the scene asks the resident to set the dog free. The dog looks more aggressive so the officer killed it. “

“The owner reaches the spot and claims he can handle the other canine.  When they set it free, it had died due to suffocation from locals pinning him down.

Campos also said, “The officer was identified as Cpl. Dylan Hayes-Morrison. He was from GPD’s K-9 unit.”

All the five dogs were impounded by Alachua County Animal Department, including the two killed dogs. No charges were made against Davila.

As per reports, Davila said, he really feels bad about what had happened and expressed his apologies to the family of Carneys.

Animal department officer Williams reported the three dogs will be charged under the nation’s dangerous dog ordinance. It means, Davila must get his dogs neutered, ensure they are always confined, and meet other conditions.

If he breaks any of the condition, the dogs will be put to sleep.

Carney stated that the canines escaped via a broken portion of Davila’s fence and entered the yard via a defective chain link fence.

After coming out of the house, they ran down and were somehow spotted by a resident, Amber Banks.

Wayne and Amber and Carney said they don’t have anything personal against the dogs but pet owners should secure their dog.

Brissette said these dogs have somehow escaped before also. They have been reported to the police and Animal Services.

  • On March 8, 2-year-old Tanner was severely mauled by two dogs.
  • On February 26, Anderson and her dog Tico were attacked by two neighboring dogs. In the scuffle, Tico was killed.
  • In December 2018, Fred, a puggle was marauded by two dogs.
  • Also in December 2018, a boy from Gainesville was attacked by a dog while riding. It also killed a feline in the neighborhood.
  • The attack on Swinburn and Bella in September was the first of the attacks in a long series.

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