Fortnite’s Latest Patch 8.40 Allows You To Pet Dogs

Fortnite Allows You To Pet Dogs
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Fortnite’s latest addition is out. It includes the option to pet the pets, a range of gameplay changes, and limited-time modes.

Yeah, mate! You can now pet a pet.

Pets were added to Fortnite’s Battle Royale last year. Pets are the latest cool variant of this “Epic” game.

The animals include chameleon, dragon, and dog and they can lodge themselves in your backpack.

There really was no interaction with them. Some classic animation to boast of so far. But with Fortnite patch 8.40, you can easily pet other pets.

In practice, fans hate the “pet” animation looks and consider that as a crude slap or swipe.

Petting other creatures and dogs less deserving of affection is receiving more attention in video games. Some account call out “Can You Pet the Dog?”

Most gaming companies are adding dog-petting after being called out.

Dodge Roll Games added dog petting function, even after the maker’s supposed “final” product was out.

Epic games update also could be in reply to “ Can You Pet the Dog?”

This is the first stage of Epic’s plan and this includes reptile and dog petting.

The dog-petting visual meets the necessity of pet interaction. It still needs to include character animations, head pats, nuzzles, and belly rubs in its next update.

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