A Gray Fox That Bit Two Dogs And A Woman Tests “Positive” For Rabies

A Gray Fox That Bit Two Dogs and A Woman Tests “Positive” for Rabies
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Two dogs and a woman were bitten Tuesday in Bowdoinham by the same fox, as per initial reports.

A rabid fox injured a canine in Bowdoin about thirty minutes after a woman said she and her pet dogs were attacked.

As per initial reports, the attack was reported on Pond Road at around 9 p.m.  According to the local sheriff department, two canines and a woman named Jennifer was bitten by a fox.

The authorities received another call at around 9:37 p.m. on Route 138. The caller said he had killed a fox after it tried to enter his house.

Authorities claim the house owner’s son used a pistol and shot the fox dead.

Fox With Rabies

The animal was then moved to the Environmental Testing Lab, and it tested positive.

Rabies is a disease that affects the spinal cord and brain. It spreads through a scratch or bites from an animal that contains the virus. Late treatment can cause death.

The homes are not more than 500 feet away. Experts believe it was the one that bit the woman.

In both incidents, it had porcupine quills lodged. Authorities said the fox smelled full of skunk.  Fox experts claim healthy and active foxes seldom approach skunks or porcupines.

The injured woman was treated at the nearby Mid Coast Hospital located in Brunswick. Rabies shots cost around $10,000 USD.

Ivy Driscoll stated that the two family dogs, “Whiskey” and “Irie,” were waiting on the porch. Both were busy staring down the stairs.

They were barking. Keeping the dog open, Ivy got wrapped and fell. She yelled for help, drawing her fiancee, Herbert, and her son Nathan.

Ivy saved Whiskey from the fox while her son Nathan dragged Irie to safety.

Ivy Driscoll said she purchased Whiskey sometime ago in Jamaica. Whiskey is in Maine for around a month. The canine received a rabies vaccination so he will be quarantined safely at home for the next 4 months.

Whiskey bravely fought off the animal, protecting Irie, a yellow Labrador.