Hank, A Four-Legged “Smoke Detector,” Saves His Owners Life From Fire

Hank Dog Saves His Owners Life From Fire
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No dogs are bad, but one canine, Hank, is basking in the appreciation he deserves for behaving “ the best buddy,” according to his owner.

Hank helped save his family from a blowing house fire, safeguarding many lives.

Ulysses S. Cocksman, a Twitter user, shared online, Hank has been known for some bad behaviors in the past.

Once he chewed and damaged a pair of new shoes when he roamed as a puppy.

However, when Hank started howling and barking in the dead of the night, and when Cocksman got out of his bed to see, he found a new problem.

A wooden shed and the trees around it were blazing, with “ flaming embers and leaves  blowing everywhere.”

Hank’s timely barking sign gave Cocksman and his family sufficient time to dial 911, and call for help.

Hank, is now credited with the tag “Dog Hero.”

Cocksman said, “ Hank can have all the steaks and shoes he wants. I will stop shouting at him for barking anymore. “

Thanks to all the dogs like Hank out there doing their bit to ensure that families always are equipped with an alert set of eyes.

For those who dislike dogs, a good smoke detector will do the job for you.

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