A New Home For Dogs To Stay, Recover, And Die In Dignity!

A New Home For Dogs to Stay Recover and Die in Dignity
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A new dog center has been opened in New Town, Kolkata, India. This center combines a burial ground, dog crèche, and a vet clinic.

Established in the new crawling Action Area 3, the Pet Dog Clinic and Creche have enough road signs put up along the way to guide pet lovers.

The facilities in the center include an office building, 11 rooms for a dog crèche, and a recreation park for the animals.

Debashis Sen, the township chairman, says many older adults get depressed and lonely as their immediate family members move out for work etc.  For them, pets are a great source of happiness and act as stress busters.

As per reports, approximately half the size of the total area has been set aside for the burial ground.  The burial ground is believed to hold 500 pets(naturally died and euthanized).

The center would create a digital archive where the pets collected pictures will be played on special days.

A dog crèche has rooms not more than 8 feet by 5 feet dimensions. The rooms are equipped with a drainage system, a tap, and an exhaust fan.

The Man With The Vision

Dr. Nurul Islam is appointed as the caretaker of this new facility. A nominal fee of Rs. 150 will be collected. The clinic will function from 11 am – 2 pm on all days except Sunday.

The crèche charges are different for different dogs and dog breeds.

Small breeds like Shih Tzu will be charged up to Rs 500 per day while larger breeds like Great Danes are likely to be charged Rs 750 per day.

The burial charges for the pets are fixed at Rs 2500.

After the inauguration, Rancho, a Labrador retriever, along with his master Sandip enthralled the audience with an obedience show.

Information about the Pet Clinic and Creche

  • Location – New Town Action Area 3, close to Unitech

Vet clinic timings

  • Monday – Saturday- 11 am to 2 pm.
  • Consultation charges- Rs 150 onwards

Pet Burial Charges

The burial charges are planned at Rs 2500 per pet.

Dog creche  charges

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