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Home Remedies For Flea Dirt In Dogs

Home Remedies For Flea Dirt In Dogs

Possible Diseases

  • Flea Infestation

Home Remedies For Flea Dirt In Skin

1. Prevention Is Key:

Get rid of fleas you find in your yard, prevent exposure and avoid flea-infested areas like overgrown paths or open fields. Fleas are wingless, parasitic insects that feed off the host's blood. Fleas are the most common canine external parasite. You can rest assured that flea exposure to most healthy dogs never develops a flea-borne disease. But when it does, early detection, diagnosis, and prompt treatment are more than enough.

2. Brush Your Dog:

Keep the skin and fur clean. Brush your dog to help the coat clean and ease out mats before they get worse. Gently cut out or pick apart any mats before the bath and remove the loose hair before it clogs your drain. Use medicated wipes containing a skin disinfectant. Use clean paper towels (or a clean washcloth) and medicated dog shampoo (e.g. Nolvasan medicated shampoo).

3. Medicated Baths:

Try medicated baths (once a month) with high-quality medicated shampoos, and antimicrobial and antifungal agents. After application, avoid quick rinsing the dog that is not useful. Apply plenty of clean running water to prevent drying out of the skin and hair coat. Ditch the drier and completely dry the dog using towels.

If you bathe your dog less often, you’ll have to spot clean the area daily to get rid of trapped food and moisture.

4. Keep Your Home Environment Clean:

Flea breeding grounds are overgrown bushes and patches of tall grass, so keep them at bay by weeding, trimming, or mowing and maintaining your lawn manicured. When you detect a considerable infestation, use outdoor garden treatments like ecological-friendly deterrents and sprays for your yard.

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