How Crazy Are Israelis About Dogs? What Do Official Reports Say?

How Crazy Are Israelis About Dogs?
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Can you name the most famous dog in Israel? What is the population of dogs in 2018? What are the Israelis’ favorite dog names?

Israel government’s Department of Agriculture published its report providing the information on Israeli dogs.

As per reports, there are close to half a million dogs registered in Israel.

GenderNumber Of Dogs (2018)Number Of Dogs (2017)
Male 2,35,9292,25,092

The average age of an Israeli dog is around 6.5 years.

Some 56,219 canines were added as newbies in the department database last year.

These dogs are mostly seen in Tel Aviv. In 2018, Haifa had 15,914 dogs with Rishon Lezion hosting 15,569 dogs. White City has 36,076 dogs.

Jerusalem and Beersheva recorded 13,760 and 14,207 dogs respectively.

Israelis’ love to have multiple canines. 9.5% of dog owners in Tel Aviv have at least two or more dogs.

Haredi community in Israel is not a dog-loving population, with Rechasim and Modiin Illit with five and four dogs respectively.

The most famous dogs in Israel

The department reports around 18,293 Shih Tzus in 2018. The number of Shih Tzus in 2017 was 15,615.

The Pekingese was the second most popular dog followed by German Shepherd. Pinschers came in the fifth spot.

Popular Israeli Dog Names

Toy (379) is the most popular dog name in 2018 in Israel. Other names – Louis (286) for male dogs, Bell(263), and Luna (279) were famous among female dog breeds.

Youtube and Zanzibar are the other popular dog names in Israel.

The Department of Agriculture in Israel supports dog care and adoption to a large extent. The budget allocated for these drives is close to $1,80, 254.

In addition, the department has committed another $5,54,600 for pet care services.

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