Huskies Kill Neighbor’s Dog, Dog Owners Left Speechless

Huskies Kill Neighbors Dog
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A Californian close-knit family is at a loss of words for losing their three dogs to a violent attack by their neighbor’s Huskies.

The Husky dog owners have handed over their dogs to the concerned authorities, who are now being quarantined.

The family which lost the dogs said they warned their neighbors and they did nothing to address the problem.

A security camera feed showed the neighbor’s huskies roaming freely inside the home of three dogs who were killed.

After seeing the video feed, the little dog owner rushed home from work and found her 12-year old dog Urlie gutted.

Acosta, the dog owner, immediately ran inside and found her 11-year old dog, Nash immobile.

Nash was rushed immediately to the ER but efforts proved futile.

The dog owner then dashed home to check on the condition of her third dog and it was found dead in the backyard.

Acosta said that the tragic event could have been avoided if her neighbor had listened to her plea.

The Husky dog owners admitted that their dogs did suffer from socialization issues.

The family that lost the dogs were inconsolable and said they plan to take the legal route.

According to SPCA, if you find your neighbor’s dog inside your property, inform them immediately. They will remove it as a stray.

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