Husky Dog Rips Off 4-Year-Old Kid’s Arm In Utah

Dog Rips Off 4-Year-Old Kid’s Arm In Utah
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A small kid aged 4 in Utah suffered a  grievous injury when his arm was ripped off by a dog in his neighborhood.

The boy had been playing with the neighbor’s Husky dogs who live close by in Layton when one of the two huskies injured him at 3.30 pm (local time)on 3, March 2019.

The Layton Fire authority clarified that the injured boy was soon airlifted to a Children’s hospital. As per reports, the kid was stable at the time of airlift but required surgical help.

As per reports, “ The kid had reached via a fence trying to play and have fun with the dog when the severe incident and the following amputation happened.”

Jason Cook, Fire department, told reporters that the playing kid was wearing something like a sock before one of the dog’s bit his arm right below the wrist.

Authorities believe the dog may have consumed the bitten hand.

The fire department officials searched the entire locality for the severed hand but did not find it. This has raised some serious question about the missing amputated hand.

On the condition of the boy, authorities told reporters,” The kid is doing well considering the trauma and his age he has to undergo.”

The dogs are now under the care of Davis county officials. Neighbors who heard this incident have expressed their grief.

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